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Collision Repair

Wrecked black truck

Nobody likes driving a vehicle with visible dents, scratches, or damage to the bodywork. At Baker’s Body Shop, we work hard to make sure that you drive away in a car that’s both cosmetically repaired and completely safe to drive. Here’s how:

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Hatchback being worked on

Auto Frame Straightening

Even a relatively minor accident can bend the frame of your car. Without repair, this can cause serious changes to your car’s handling characteristics, as well as weakening the frame to the extent that it wouldn’t be able to protect you in case of a second collision. At Baker’s Body Shop, we use specialized tools and equipment to detect and repair damage to the frame of your car – even damage that might not be apparent to the naked eye.

Body detailing

Body Work

The process of massaging the dented metal to near perfection and applying a thin coat of auto body filler no more than an 1/8 inch thick. Then we use a block sander to ensure straightness and undetected repair of the panel.

Car color being matched

Expert Color Matching

Here at Baker’s Body Shop we have years of first hand experience matching automotive colors. In addition to our experience we have the Rapid Match X5 that will take 5 different scans of the paint that is currently on your vehicle and give us the closest mixing formula that will match you vehicles paint.

Car getting painted


Want to repaint your car? You got it. At Baker’s Body Shop, we use high-quality water-based automotive paint from PPG. In addition to being environmentally friendly, PPG is a global leader in automotive paints, with over 9,000 shops using PPG technology in North America alone. Our use of PPG paint is part of our commitment to using only the best materials to repair your vehicle.

Before and after of dent removal

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

As long as the paint on your car is undamaged, Baker’s Body Shop can pop out dents and dings without using any new paint at all. This technique is great for repairing damage from hail and minor door dings. Its benefits include the fact that no body filler or non-factory paint needs to be used to repair the car. As such, the repairs are much faster and less expensive – and we can pass those savings along to you.

Car diagnostic machine

Pre & Post Scanning

A pre-scan happens before repairs start and searches for all fault codes to look for issues with the system components that might have been damaged in the accident, or might need to be “flashed” or re-calibrated.

Post- Repair scans happen once the vehicle is fully repaired and are performed to insure that all codes have been identified and cleared if needed. Most collision repair shops do not even look unless there is a code showing on the dash and this can compromise you and your families’ safety as the systems will not work as expected. Here at Baker’s Body Shop we scan all vehicles that are up to 10 years old.

Car being washed

Clean Up

We always return your vehicle back to you either as clean or better than it was when you brought it to us for repairs.

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